PENN-KIDDER MINISTERIUM AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM - A Safe, Secure Learning Environment for Our Community's Children

Since my 3 children started at PKMASP in the fall of 2017, I've had a great sense of relief.  Their safety and well being at an afterschool program is of the utmost importance to me and my husband.  They receive the absolute best care from all of the staff who are kind and compassionate.  I love the focus placed on structure within the program and how the older kids help guide the younger kids.  I look forward to continuing a wonderful relationship with PKMASP!
Jennifer Strohl

PKMASP is a wonderful place for before and after-school childcare.  The hours are truly work friendly for delayed school starts, early dismissals and ordinary school days.  I also appreciate the help with the homework, the after-school snacks and the outside playtime on nice days.  The staff are really a blessing and the cost for the program is minimal.  I would recommend PKMASP to anyone looking for child care during the school year. 
Marianne James

Penn-Kidder Ministerium After-School Program is truly a blessing to the working parents in the community who have chosen to bring their children into this wonderful program.  The staff genuinely cares about your children and your entire family.  My daughter started with the program in August of 2014 when entering kindergarten and absolutely loves it there.  She has made lots of friends and the staff not only helps with homework they have also worked with my daughter teaching her other activities including piano and family games.  She has so much fun there that she loves to go even on in-service or holidays, and asks me not to get her early even if I get out of work early for the holiday.

We love this Program so much we could not wait until my younger son was old enough to become part of it.  He always asked to go in when I would go to pick her my daughter and we would have to stay for 5-10 minutes just to let him play and talk to the staff and other children.  He is so excited that he will be able to start this fall (August 2016).
Robyn Yemm

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